Refer-a-Friend Program

Get rewarded while giving your family or friends the gift of extra space!

Give your friends $15 off their unit rent. You get rewarded with $15 off your units rent.

Simple 3-Step Process

Step 1: Refer Someone

Have a friend or family member rent a unit from Mountain Town Storage!

  1. Visit our Rent Storage page or call us at (706) 480-2777.
  2. Provide the first and last name of the referring customer during the rental process. You can do this the following ways:
* Renting a Unit Online: Under the "How did you hear about Mountain Town Storage?" option, select "Other" then type the referring customers name in the text box!
* Renting a Unit Over the Phone: Provide the referring customers name to our customer service reps during the rental process!

Step 2: Store Your Belongings!

Once you rent a unit from Mountain Town Storage, come visit your unit and store your belongings with us!

Step 3: Receive the Credit!

Referrals are processed once/month on the 1st Friday of each month. 

Referral move-ins before the 1st Friday of each month will receive the credit immediately. 

Referral move-ins after the 1st Friday of each month will receive the credit the following month.

You can see the credit by logging into your account. If you do not see the $15 credit, email us at